Going Somewhere?

a focus

I’ve had people tell me I walk with purpose. “Oh, there goes Sarah!”  I take long strides (as long as my petite frame will allow) and there is a reason behind this. When I need to get something done I truly have to focus. I get distracted so easily…I’m a dreamer…I fight the a.d.d. 😉 So, yeah, I may walk right past you and not even know you’re there sometimes. I would say 90% of the time I am thinking, creating, singing, wishing. It’s who I am…so, I almost get embarrassed when people see my focused side. I don’t know who that girl really is.

Well, today, I had to run to the store for something. I knew exactly where it was located. I was tired, hungry, weary from a long day at work and this was the only task I needed to complete. So I mapped out the quickest easiest way to accomplish what I needed to so I could go home and rest.

Walking through the aisles, I ignored the delicious food (man I was hungry!) I passed up the magazines…or I would browse and it would mess with my ETA at home in my comfys, catching up on my shows. I breezed past people being choosy over pasta, bread, the right brand of coffee. I turned a corner and nearly collided with a gentleman. I offered an apology, but quickly kept on. And then the gentleman said something to the lady he was with that impacted me. It was said with a chuckle. He said, “That girl is going places!”

I laughed. It just struck me as funny. I’d heard people tell me to slow down, or ask what my hurry was, but they never voiced it that way. “That girl is going places.” Me? Going places?I loved it. I’m claiming it. I am going places.

That focused girl belongs in  all areas of my life…not just when I’m racing to “get it done”. I don’t know how to turn her on and off, she just shows up when I need her.

A friend once said to me, “You’re silly sweet and sentimental, but you’re tough and focused when you need to be.” I guess I wasn’t really listening, or maybe I didn’t want to believe them, maybe I even agreed at that moment and forgot as quickly…but hearing that man’s joking words brought my friends words to memory.

“That Girl is going places.” I wish I had thought to say at that moment, “Yes, sir, I am.”


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