Pretty Days

I had a pretty day today.

Every woman knows what a pretty day can be. Your hair falls perfectly…your skin is blemish free…your eyes are clear and bright and your clothes fit your curves just right. And you hope everyone feels the same when they look at you. But is it just the outside that makes you pretty?

Sometimes pretty days don’t come like a “Cinderella” moment; sparkly with the epic music. Sometimes they sneak up on you. Someone may have made you laugh. (or helped you laugh at yourself) You look at yourself differently in that moment and it just makes the day better.

In truth, you are no more pretty today than you were yesterday. Your outlook can change day to day…we ALL know that. One day you’re fat…the next you adore your curves. One day you dwell on every microscopic wrinkle…the next you get carded and your heart has a happy.

What about those days where physically everything is right, but you still doubt your beauty?

We can help each other in this respect by building each other up…including ourselves!

It is amazing how one word, one look, one smile can make you feel.

An example of words that can change your day? I was told this week by a close friend that they just loved my laugh. (I laugh all the time…too much 😉 and sometimes wonder if it’s a bother.) And here she was telling me it made her happy. Guess who laughed without guilt or shame all the rest of that day?

How many times in a day do you think someone has pretty hair, a nice smile, a great laugh…a beautiful heart? How many times do you tell that person? I’m willing to bet nine times out of ten we keep it to ourselves just assuming they already know it. I’m not saying grab a stranger and complement the hell out of them. What I am saying is…take a moment to tell those closest to you what you admire about them. It can make a difference. Tell yourself what you admire about YOU. Its rough sometimes because we are our biggest critics.

I struggle a lot. I’m not ashamed to admit it, but there are a few things that don’t change even on my “ugly” days. I’m still me. I will drop everything to comfort another to encourage another. My hair may not be perfect that day and I may be bloated and tired…but that doesn’t change my heart. I could be the most beautiful woman in the world, but if my heart was ugly, what would that get me?

a pretty

Promote the strengths of the ones you love. Help them have a “Pretty Day”


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