Enter the Wardrobe

I often have vivid dreams…I most of the time remember them. Some are just from a woman with a brightly colored imagination *raises hand* but I never discount my dreams. It’s the only time you can’t hide anything…even from yourself. It is your mind uncensored.

Last night I dreamt about my old intermediate school (5th and 6th grade) and this dream caused me to remember someone I hadn’t thought about for a long time. It was my English/Literature teacher Mr. Harvey. I was witness again of the big glasses, the “mustache”,  and his happy countenance. More importantly, I  remembered what he did for me.

My family was not rich or well-off…we were not even “comfortable”. We were poor, but we were always thankful. I think Mr. Harvey knew that and he always treated me kindly. (PLUS…reading was always a joy of mine and I was most happy in this class!) I confided in him that I wanted my very own library and that one day I hoped to be rich enough to do so.

I remembered the day he asked me to stay a minute after class. All the other kids thought I was in trouble. I wasn’t sure what I had done.

When the room had cleared, he handed me a book. He said it was one of his favorites and he wanted me to read it, but I had to care for it and bring it back when I was done. He wanted to know what I thought of it. It was a copy of “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis. I remember thinking, “A witch? I don’t wanna read about a witch!!” But I took it gratefully. (it was a book after all)

I went home that day and immediately started reading…NO…DEVOURING it. I stayed up late (turning the lights back on after mom went to bed) reading it. I wanted to live inside this book. I wanted to see Aslan…I wanted to visit Narnia! I was opened up to my very first epic adventure.

I returned Mr. Harvey’s magical book the next day and we talked about it. He filled me in on a few little things I had missed, and then…he handed me the next book in the series. I think I might have cried. And it went on like this until I had read them all. (and then read them again)

This little gesture of kindness led me to my next reading adventure…”The Lord of the Rings” by Mr. J.R.R. Tolkein. (Hobbit and The Silmarillion as well)

I had been a reader before, but with just a little guidance, I was an addict! My mom read to me as a child  (Tom Sawyer…Laura Ingalls Wilder) and my grandma fueled my reading addiction by buying me dozens of books over the years, but Mr. Harvey showed me a whole new world of reading.

Why did one dream bring all of this out? My dream was this…I returned to Brookwood Intermediate to become a teacher, and they thought I would be a fine fit in the English/Literature department. Thanks, Mr Harvey.




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