It’s Just Me

I use the phrase “It’s just me” all the time. I think I confuse some because my “me” encompasses so much! Some might feel I’m like a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower, but really I am steady and I am sure of those things that I love and those things that I don’t.

Here is a short list of things that are just me…this list will seem to contradict the above statement, but it will make sense once I explain…I assure you.

  • Zombies (movies…shows *cough* The Walking Dead *ahem*)
  • Romance (sweet, simple, warm and fuzzy)
  • Music (Muse, Ed Sheeran, T. Swift, Adele, classical, Eagles, Journey, Disturbed, Boyce Avenue, Sia…this list may never end)
  • Football…in all forms, preferably Pittsburgh Steelers and THE Ohio State Buckeyes
  • Movies (Braveheart is my all time favorite, Twilight is an obsession, anything Disney, romantic, funny, action, or musical is okay)
  • Coffee and Wine (no explanation needed)
  • T.V. (TWD, AHS, TBBT, SHERLOCK, GOT, SPN, SCANDAL, GREY’S ANATOMY…again, this list could be endless)
  • Reading (anything I can get my hands on)
  • Writing (my heart…always my heart)

So how can I say this zombie loving, romance seeking, eclectic music listening girl is steady and not as flighty as a butterfly? It’s simple. I decided long ago that I would not allow myself to be placed in a box. Once you are in that box you are only allowed to love certain things. You are only allowed to desire certain things…you are STUCK.

Anything that sparks an emotion in me is going to get my attention. I will not dismiss anything ever for not fitting because I am not contained. I am not out of control…it is the opposite because I can control in my life what brings me joy and everything else can be dealt with or dismissed.

Loving multiple things on so many levels allows me to love people on different levels. It opens my heart to touch, to uplift, and to help those I find different. One thing remains steady….ME. My kindness remains, my love, my optimism, and my heart. I am steady. I am predictable, but I am not contained. I like that feeling.





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