A Darker Side

We all know there is a darker side to life. The TOWY Anthology reveals that darker side.

When first asked by my friend Oak Anderson to submit a short for such a book, I was extremely nervous. The first thing I asked myself was, “Can I write such a story?” It was a stretch from my contemporary romance niche. And the second thing I asked was, “Will my writing such a story have an impact?” The answer to both was YES.

I talked myself into it and started to consider how I could compliment Mr. Anderson’s amazing original Take One With You and not lose me. Sometimes when writing, you have to go to certain places for the writing to feel real. I’m a happy person most of my waking hours, which is perfect when writing happily ever afters, but to write about something as dark as suicide? I had to put myself in that moment. That was a challenge, but I succeeded and I was even able to add a touch of romance. I was proud of myself.

So, we know that I succeeded in writing my part…so where can it impact? All proceeds post-cost will go to the prevention of suicide. In the stories you will read in this anthology you will see pain, remorse, revenge, hopelessness, and abuse. These are the many things that lead people to the thought of suicide and a few of the subjects that were touched on in Anderson’s original book. These are things that, in the hands of the right people, can be prevented. All? No, but more likely if there are organizations there for people during this time. Prevention can be hands on with those contemplating suicide or education on the signs…all important. It makes me proud to know our hard work may help.

So when you go to read these incredible stories, remember that. Okay? These are not pretty stories, but they are life at its darkest. We have to see both sides in order to understand one another.

I am so excited about this release. Two reasons: 1. Incredible writers just getting their footing are able to spread their writing wings! First time authors! I remember that feeling so well. AND 2. Several authors in this book I truly consider my friends. It’s exciting to be in on this adventure with them!

Make sure you get a copy of TOWY Anthology A collection of disturbing tales. (reading is for 18+ years old)





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