Crazy Stupid…and Me

My brain won’t shut up about this, so I must write!

Have you seen the movie Crazy Stupid Love? It’s funny, dramatic, romantic, and it is exactly the kind of movie I fall for every time. It’s not the typical fall in love movie. It has a little bit of everything…staying in love, changing for the one you love…realizing the one you love, hating, fighting, wondering, crying…tear your heart out kinda love. And it happens in such a twisted way that the ugly side of love (yes, there is an ugly side) becomes beautiful. Love is raw, and stubborn, and mysterious. There are no hard and fast rules…there is no reasoning with love; it just is.

I will not have the orthodox love. I don’t want normal. I want the insane. I’ve been in love. It is so wonderful and consuming and so very easy to lose yourself in it. And it is best if there is no reason behind it. (reason ruins love)

I love Hanna in C.S.L….she does not waiver. She stays the person she is even when confronted with the most gorgeous of men. It would be so easy to throw caution to the wind and enjoy the moment, but she sees more, and she allows the experience to happen, rather than force it. Does it mean she doesn’t want love? No…she’s just smart.

Yes I am a romantic…an over zealous romantic, but romance is not all physical. It is not being with someone because it is convenient, or because sex is a sure thing. Sex is wonderful…it is addicting, but it isn’t all there is to love. Love is being with someone or trusting someone despite the circumstances. It is letting go of those who are not ours. It is being there and not expecting anything in return. Love is unselfish…and f’ck if it doesn’t hurt sometimes.

Love is beautiful and wild and there are truly no rules. It is not an emotion that can’t be controlled like anger. It goes far deeper than that. It is one of my most favorite emotions. I write about this kind of emotion. I live vicariously through my characters to experience that love.

As much as I love writing it, there will never be a replacement for loves reality. I have loved and lost…and I will love again. It’s just hard to crave something you have known so keenly.

I had someone say something to me today that has clung to my brain. It goes like this: “You are the writer, the director, and the star of your own movie. Dream, baby, dream.”

I’ve never had a problem dreaming…dreaming BIG. So, if I have to,  I can wait patiently for my own Crazy Stupid Love.

Below is my favorite clip from the movie…


In the end, he ends up getting too drunk, and she ends up being the one covering him up and kissing his cheek good night. It is perfect! *sigh*


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