Trailer of the Year 2015

Guess who got Trailer of the Year? YES, me, well….More Than Scars!!!

I had the privilege of not just getting Trailer of the Month for December 2015, but for the entire YEAR of 2015! This was among some pretty impressive trailers. and congrats to them on their “Trailer of the Month” win, as well.

I am so very excited and honored. It’s for fun, I know this…absolutely, but its okay to be happy for those little things. If I didn’t get excited, people would be asking, “What’s wrong with Sarah?”

It’s also cool that it is on one of my favorite Groups on Goodreads Book Trailers-Check Them Out or as I like to call it, BT-CTO. (Want to see some amazing book trailers? Click the groups name and join us! If you want to follow me on Goodreads click here Ms. Brocious)

Making a trailer is not an easy task, let me tell you, so being recognized for the hard work really makes the hours and hours of work worthwhile.

One of a writers hardest tasks is not the creating of a story. It’s not the connection with our characters. It’s not the beginning or end…it is that darn SYNOPSIS. Tell us what your story is in X words or less…. *blank brain*

It is hard enough with words. I can’t tell you how many days (yes, I said days) it took to create a synopsis for MTS…try doing it with images and timing it just so with the right wording…THAT is a book trailer.

As much work as it was…I LOVED making More Than Scars’ book trailer. It’s nice to see others have enjoyed it, too.





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