What Do You Want Them To See?

I haven’t mused in awhile, and this has been a “meh” day for me…so I am going to ramble a bit. Okay? Okay.

I love the differences that make a person who they are. I believe it is the imperfections that make a person beautiful. Don’t get me wrong…I can totally appreciate physical beauty, but without substance?  All of that falls away.

I struggled for years with feeling I was inadequate because of what I saw in the mirror. For the longest time I tore myself down. I heard people tell me that I was sweet, kind, happy, strong, quirky, a tough lady…but none of it mattered. I wanted to be called beautiful. What I didn’t realize was that…they WERE calling me beautiful!!

The things that were good, different, and unique about me made me ME. They are things that I now love about myself. Do I still struggle? ABSOLUTELY. Don’t we all? We all have that need to be called pretty, handsome…wanted.

And you know what? We are that to someone. There is someone out there that looks at you as if you are the most stunning creature they have ever seen! They look beyond the physical imperfections you see in yourself and see just YOU.

They see your strength. They see your struggle. Maybe you lived a rough life up to this point; they see you trying. They see beyond the mask because that is what we do when we love someone. We see all that the world has thrown at you and yet you are still here. Life shaped you and you survived. What is not beautiful about a survivor?

I heard this song today for the first time and then for another dozen or so times because it touched me. Around the third listen, I wiped away tears and said, “That is what I want someone to see in me.” Listen, and you will notice that he does not mention her beauty, her hair, her body. What does he mention? Her heart, her soul, her imperfections.

Love who you are even if you struggle and fail at it each and every day. Be unapologetically you. That is what you should want them to see.

“She loves like a woman. She looks like a lady. She laughs like a child and she cries like a baby.” <—-THIS.


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