Yes, Mr. Darcy…most ardently…yes

I am in a completely cheesy romantic mood. So, I chose a favorite of mine to write about.

It is no secret to anyone how much I love Pride and Prejudice.

And, yes, it is for the most obvious of reasons…Mr. Darcy. *ahem* Fitzwilliam. And it is no secret that I want a Mr. Darcy of my own. What woman doesn’t?

As obvious as it is that I love him…the reasons might be quite different than one would think. I will explain.

Most see Darcy as a dashing, handsome, tall, rich gentleman who loves beyond reason and sacrifices all in the pursuit of love. Darcy is a  Knight in shining armor. He is truly all these things.

Yet, this is not why I love him. His perfections are glorified, but it has always been his imperfections that I loved, and his ability to see the imperfections in Lizzy and love her because of them.

I loved the fact that he seemed so unobtainable. Truth was, he was smitten. He was scared. He was unsure. He felt unworthy.

I saw this quote recently, “The only guy that deserves you is the one that thinks he doesn’t.” ~Unknown 

He stumbled over himself. He made bad decisions. He didn’t speak his heart…at first. He was flawed. But that is what made him wonderful. It is what made him real and that unobtainable man became someone a woman could love.

We women are often misunderstood because we romanticize things. Yes,we love love. We want to be swept off of our feet. We want to be desired and wooed. The misunderstanding comes in the way we need this to happen. Simplicity is everything…at least with me.

 A sweet act, no matter how small will go a long way. An intimate glance will have me wrecked in seconds. It does not take much. As long as there is a connection…an attraction, everything else is amplified.

I don’t want a perfect Mr. Darcy. I want a flawed Fitzwilliam. I don’t want a man with a title or riches. I want a man with a heart and strong arms. I don’t need a man that can show me the world. I need a man that will show me his soul. S.I.M.P.L.E.

I used to build in my head the man I thought I would need, but the older I get the more I realize that; the less expectations you put on people, the clearer you can see them.

Yes, I want a Mr. Darcy. Not Elizabeth Bennet’s Darcy, but my own.



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