Wake Up (Series) #2: Nolan’s Evolution

23655163The second book in the Wake Up Series, Nolan’s Evolution, is a continuation of this epic love story.

We find Raina, Nolan, and Thanatos adjusting to the change brought on by Nolan’s “contract”. He is no longer Raina’s protector and he must have no part in her life… a fact that is torment to both.

Each will go through difficulty adjusting, but especially Nolan. For too long he has pushed aside his gifts, but they are about to be tested and he will have to choose which way he will go. As Raina experienced her awakening, Nolan must face his own evolution.

And there is more to his past than he has let on. He and Thanatos have been keeping secrets and they will do everything to keep that past from hurting Raina.

Praise for Nolan’s Evolution

“Ms. Brocious did a great job sucker punching you with these revelations.” – Denise (Goodreads)