Provocation: A Lesson In Trust

25770234Grace was quiet, sweet… a seemingly gentle flower. Boy, did she have everyone fooled! Inside the petite lovely figure was a force to be reckoned with.

Her quiet strength was just what Ryker Jensen needed. His seemingly narcissistic behavior melts with her humble presence in his life… and secrets left under wrap reappear.

Provocation is an action that demands a reaction and Grace is full of it. Is she ready for the reaction she invokes in Ryker

“Provocation” is a story of new love and emotional reckoning. A push and pull of trust and hope.

Praise for Provocation: A Lesson In Trust

“Yet another great love story from Sarah Brocious!” – Mel (Amazon)

“The author truly portrays how acceptance and forgiveness can breath new life into a world that’s seemingly filled with darkness.” – Tasha (Amazon)

“One of the best free books I have read in a long time.” – Pam (Amazon)