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Title: More Than Scars 
Sarah Brocious

Contemporary Romance, Heartwarming Romance
Release date: June 24, 2014

25770226They say that the best way to heal is to find someone who suffers more and invest in their healing.

Nerissa Meadows decides to make a change in career and experiences the strangest of interviews. She had been through so much but nothing like her soon to be employer, Liam Byrne.

His scars have stolen from him…from his two little girls.

It’s as if life has ceased to exist outside of his own front door in order to protect what he loves and keep out what he fears. He perceives his weakness but Nerissa sees in him a wounded hero.

Her heart aches for his two girls. Their young lives have been touched by too much sadness. They need her and she finds that she most desperately needs…

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Stephen King: What We Can’t Say Enough

Love this!

Jonathan Janz

I saw an article on Facebook the other day about why some individual can’t like/respect/support Stephen King. I didn’t read it because it was clearly incendiary clickbait. Not that one can’t dislike King and have legitimate reasons for doing so. One of my favorite readers and horror friends actively dislikes King’s work, but he has well-articulated reasons for his stance. Granted, I totally disagree with him, but I respect his right to avoid my favorite author and acknowledge that his opinion is as valid as mine.

But I’m entitled to my opinion too.

full dark

Calling King my favorite author isn’t going far enough. He’s the person who singlehandedly made me a reader. He’s the writer who determined my career path.

He’s the man who restored my adolescent self-esteem by convincing me that I wasn’t stupid. With his words, he showed me what was inside of me. He resurrected my imagination. He reawakened the innocent magic in my…

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Trailer of the Year 2015

Guess who got Trailer of the Year? YES, me, well….More Than Scars!!!

I had the privilege of not just getting Trailer of the Month for December 2015, but for the entire YEAR of 2015! This was among some pretty impressive trailers. and congrats to them on their “Trailer of the Month” win, as well.

I am so very excited and honored. It’s for fun, I know this…absolutely, but its okay to be happy for those little things. If I didn’t get excited, people would be asking, “What’s wrong with Sarah?”

It’s also cool that it is on one of my favorite Groups on Goodreads Book Trailers-Check Them Out or as I like to call it, BT-CTO. (Want to see some amazing book trailers? Click the groups name and join us! If you want to follow me on Goodreads click here Ms. Brocious)

Making a trailer is not an easy task, let me tell you, so being recognized for the hard work really makes the hours and hours of work worthwhile.

One of a writers hardest tasks is not the creating of a story. It’s not the connection with our characters. It’s not the beginning or end…it is that darn SYNOPSIS. Tell us what your story is in X words or less…. *blank brain*

It is hard enough with words. I can’t tell you how many days (yes, I said days) it took to create a synopsis for MTS…try doing it with images and timing it just so with the right wording…THAT is a book trailer.

As much work as it was…I LOVED making More Than Scars’ book trailer. It’s nice to see others have enjoyed it, too.




Crazy Stupid…and Me

My brain won’t shut up about this, so I must write!

Have you seen the movie Crazy Stupid Love? It’s funny, dramatic, romantic, and it is exactly the kind of movie I fall for every time. It’s not the typical fall in love movie. It has a little bit of everything…staying in love, changing for the one you love…realizing the one you love, hating, fighting, wondering, crying…tear your heart out kinda love. And it happens in such a twisted way that the ugly side of love (yes, there is an ugly side) becomes beautiful. Love is raw, and stubborn, and mysterious. There are no hard and fast rules…there is no reasoning with love; it just is.

I will not have the orthodox love. I don’t want normal. I want the insane. I’ve been in love. It is so wonderful and consuming and so very easy to lose yourself in it. And it is best if there is no reason behind it. (reason ruins love)

I love Hanna in C.S.L….she does not waiver. She stays the person she is even when confronted with the most gorgeous of men. It would be so easy to throw caution to the wind and enjoy the moment, but she sees more, and she allows the experience to happen, rather than force it. Does it mean she doesn’t want love? No…she’s just smart.

Yes I am a romantic…an over zealous romantic, but romance is not all physical. It is not being with someone because it is convenient, or because sex is a sure thing. Sex is wonderful…it is addicting, but it isn’t all there is to love. Love is being with someone or trusting someone despite the circumstances. It is letting go of those who are not ours. It is being there and not expecting anything in return. Love is unselfish…and f’ck if it doesn’t hurt sometimes.

Love is beautiful and wild and there are truly no rules. It is not an emotion that can’t be controlled like anger. It goes far deeper than that. It is one of my most favorite emotions. I write about this kind of emotion. I live vicariously through my characters to experience that love.

As much as I love writing it, there will never be a replacement for loves reality. I have loved and lost…and I will love again. It’s just hard to crave something you have known so keenly.

I had someone say something to me today that has clung to my brain. It goes like this: “You are the writer, the director, and the star of your own movie. Dream, baby, dream.”

I’ve never had a problem dreaming…dreaming BIG. So, if I have to,  I can wait patiently for my own Crazy Stupid Love.

Below is my favorite clip from the movie…


In the end, he ends up getting too drunk, and she ends up being the one covering him up and kissing his cheek good night. It is perfect! *sigh*

A Darker Side

We all know there is a darker side to life. The TOWY Anthology reveals that darker side.

When first asked by my friend Oak Anderson to submit a short for such a book, I was extremely nervous. The first thing I asked myself was, “Can I write such a story?” It was a stretch from my contemporary romance niche. And the second thing I asked was, “Will my writing such a story have an impact?” The answer to both was YES.

I talked myself into it and started to consider how I could compliment Mr. Anderson’s amazing original Take One With You and not lose me. Sometimes when writing, you have to go to certain places for the writing to feel real. I’m a happy person most of my waking hours, which is perfect when writing happily ever afters, but to write about something as dark as suicide? I had to put myself in that moment. That was a challenge, but I succeeded and I was even able to add a touch of romance. I was proud of myself.

So, we know that I succeeded in writing my part…so where can it impact? All proceeds post-cost will go to the prevention of suicide. In the stories you will read in this anthology you will see pain, remorse, revenge, hopelessness, and abuse. These are the many things that lead people to the thought of suicide and a few of the subjects that were touched on in Anderson’s original book. These are things that, in the hands of the right people, can be prevented. All? No, but more likely if there are organizations there for people during this time. Prevention can be hands on with those contemplating suicide or education on the signs…all important. It makes me proud to know our hard work may help.

So when you go to read these incredible stories, remember that. Okay? These are not pretty stories, but they are life at its darkest. We have to see both sides in order to understand one another.

I am so excited about this release. Two reasons: 1. Incredible writers just getting their footing are able to spread their writing wings! First time authors! I remember that feeling so well. AND 2. Several authors in this book I truly consider my friends. It’s exciting to be in on this adventure with them!

Make sure you get a copy of TOWY Anthology A collection of disturbing tales. (reading is for 18+ years old)




It’s Just Me

I use the phrase “It’s just me” all the time. I think I confuse some because my “me” encompasses so much! Some might feel I’m like a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower, but really I am steady and I am sure of those things that I love and those things that I don’t.

Here is a short list of things that are just me…this list will seem to contradict the above statement, but it will make sense once I explain…I assure you.

  • Zombies (movies…shows *cough* The Walking Dead *ahem*)
  • Romance (sweet, simple, warm and fuzzy)
  • Music (Muse, Ed Sheeran, T. Swift, Adele, classical, Eagles, Journey, Disturbed, Boyce Avenue, Sia…this list may never end)
  • Football…in all forms, preferably Pittsburgh Steelers and THE Ohio State Buckeyes
  • Movies (Braveheart is my all time favorite, Twilight is an obsession, anything Disney, romantic, funny, action, or musical is okay)
  • Coffee and Wine (no explanation needed)
  • T.V. (TWD, AHS, TBBT, SHERLOCK, GOT, SPN, SCANDAL, GREY’S ANATOMY…again, this list could be endless)
  • Reading (anything I can get my hands on)
  • Writing (my heart…always my heart)

So how can I say this zombie loving, romance seeking, eclectic music listening girl is steady and not as flighty as a butterfly? It’s simple. I decided long ago that I would not allow myself to be placed in a box. Once you are in that box you are only allowed to love certain things. You are only allowed to desire certain things…you are STUCK.

Anything that sparks an emotion in me is going to get my attention. I will not dismiss anything ever for not fitting because I am not contained. I am not out of control…it is the opposite because I can control in my life what brings me joy and everything else can be dealt with or dismissed.

Loving multiple things on so many levels allows me to love people on different levels. It opens my heart to touch, to uplift, and to help those I find different. One thing remains steady….ME. My kindness remains, my love, my optimism, and my heart. I am steady. I am predictable, but I am not contained. I like that feeling.




Authors Helping Authors

When you make the decision to become a writer, it is never for the money. To even consider that would doom you from the start. Writing is hard tedious work. Establishing yourself can take years. And if you don’t have a thick skin? Well, writing is not for you. Not everyone is going to be on your side. Not everyone is going to love the tale you have to tell. (oh, but when you find those that do!)

You become a writer because everything in you says, “I must tell my stories! I must get these thoughts that constantly haunt my brain onto paper!” At least…this is my truth. And as tedious, time consuming, and heart breaking writing is…it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Well worth it, so this is not to discourage.

Not many will understand you. Writers are different creatures. We live in our thoughts and we know our characters personally. It can be lonely sometimes. And its okay, we don’t need to be understood…we just need to be heard. (and we most definitely want you to love our characters…they are our friends)

In being out there on our own who better to understand than other authors? This was my inspiration today. The writing community is a living breathing entity. It is unlike any other community I have ever been a part of. Sure, there is some competition…there has to be! But in big part, it is a community that wants to see the other succeed. This has been my experience.

We write different genres, live different lives, reside in different states/countries/time zones, but one thing remains constant; we know what the other author feels because it is always the same. ANXIETY, VULNERABILITY, HOPE, DETERMINATION, and when we succeed? RELIEF, JOY, APPRECIATED.

I have many author friends that I have learned to lean on. This is not so that they can do my job, but so that I can depend on them for their encouragement. It is vital to remain positive and that encouragement keeps me going. I hope that my encouragement keeps them going, too. I find fulfillment in the success of my friends. I know I’m not the only one.

We’re not in a race. Writing is an art and all art should be preserved.

Speaking of author friends…my friend Sarah Noffke and I are both up for Trailer of the Year on a group we belong to Book Trailers-Check Them Out. Its funny because even if we are both up for the honor, we find ourselves cheering for each other. I love that! Where else can you find that? Mrs. Noffke has been responsible for encouraging me on many occasions.


I am thankful for her. I am also thankful for many others. If you check my page, you will see there are links to the pages of other author friends who have inspired, helped, and befriended me. I am really a lucky girl.